An Added Bonus to the Megan’s House: where Dreams Come Home Raffle

You’ve probably realized by the fast and furious pace of our updates that you’ll be able to buy tickets for the Megan’s House: Where Dreams Come Home Raffle now.

But before we get to that, we might as well sweeten the jackpot a bit by letting you know the grand prize in the raffle, that beautiful, new Colonial home in Dracut will come with an 8’x10’ Vinyl Colonial Historic Shed, generously donated by Reeds Ferry Sheds.

The shed alone is valued at $3,400 and is the perfect addition to a house that now has everything except its new owner!

Reeds Ferry has been manufacturing sheds since 1960, building its first shed just north of Nashua NH in the town of Reeds Ferry, hence the name. In 1969, the rapidly growing company needed a larger production facility, moving first to Route 111, then opening its current factory on Route 102 in Hudson NH. Even though the move to Hudson meant they were no longer in the town of Reeds Ferry, the name stuck because, like the products, it’s one of a kind.

With the addition of the shed, the prize list for the Megan’s House: Where Dreams Come Home Raffle is now complete. All that’s left is for you to purchase one of the 5,000 tickets that will be sold and to draw the winner on Thursday, November 9, 2017.

Click here to purchase your tickets online now!