Didn’t Think a Place Like This Existed

As another resident celebrated her graduation from Megan’s House, her parents celebrated the return of their daughter and the place that helped make that possible.

Monday afternoon saw a young woman named Sarah become 20th graduate to complete the program, entering Megan’s House quiet and shy, but blossoming into a role model for other residents to look up to.

“Life was unmanageable,” Sarah said of her battle with addiction. “Megan’s House helped me reach out, cut out unhealthy relationships and regain my independence.”

Program Director MaryBeth Murphy commended the latest success story for commitment to recovery..

“In the beginning, you did it because you had to do it,” Murphy said in referencing the young woman’s growth. “Now, you’re making good choices because you want to do it.”

The changes weren’t lost on her father, Jim, who also harkened back to Sarah’s early days in the program.

“When I saw you here last August, I could never have imagined you’d be here today,” he told his daughter. “Thank you to everyone who had a part in this.”

“I didn’t think a place like this existed,” added Sarah’s mother Gayle. “And now we have Erin’s House to look forward to.”

is the Megan House Foundation’s first Success Home, which is slated to open its doors in May. It is named in honor of Erin Miller, who lost her battle to addiction in November of 2015.

Sarah is one of the first Megan’s House graduates slated to move into the new home. Erin’s House marks the second step in the Foundation’s mission to extend the bridge to recovery beyond the 6-12 month treatment program. It will provide a safe and secure environment, under supervision of a staff member, for young women to continue their growth and recovery.

To help make a difference in the lives of those who call Megan’s House and Erin’s House home, while also giving yourself an opportunity to win a brand new home, please visit this link and purchase a ticket for the Megan’s House: Where Dreams Come Home Raffle.