Wishes Do Come True

A main reason for the success enjoyed by the residents of Megan’s House is the tremendous number of collaborative efforts taking place with other key organizations in our community. One of those, The Wish Project, is now pitching in to help the Megan House Foundation’s first Success Home, Erin’s House, get off the ground.

In a few weeks, Erin’s House will open its doors to graduates of Megan’s House, providing them a safe and supervised environment to continue their recovery as they begin re-integrating back into the community.

As anyone moving into a new place will tell you, there is a laundry list of items necessary to turn a house into a home. With that in mind, The Wish Project has organized a drive to collect household items, a “wish list” if you may, to help furnish the residents of Erin’s House with the items they’ll need for day to day.

This Saturday, May 6th, all items donated to The Wish Project will go to Erin’s House. Folks are encouraged to bring new, or like new items to the Wish Project warehouse at 1 Foundry Industrial Drive in Lowell between 9am-2pm. To see the “wish list” of items, please click on this link.

The Megan House Foundation would like to thank The Wish Project for choosing to collaborate with us on this generous endeavor. As we seek to extend the bridge to recovery, efforts like these will ensure we continue making a difference in the lives of the young women who call Megan’s House, and soon Erin’s House, home.