“The Best Choice I Made in a Long Time”

A new week brought a new name to the list of Megan’s House graduates, when a young woman named Miranda completed her journey through the long-term treatment program.

The room filled with emotion this past Monday, as residents, staff and family congratulated the young woman on her charisma and leadership, traits often used to rally others through difficult times.

“I guess this program does work,” said one of the newcomers. “I want to be like you. I want my parents up there crying with me.”

Joined by her mother and father, Miranda spoke of the long road that brought her to this point.

“I was desperate for help,” she told the room. “I wanted another opportunity to be a mother to my son and to make my parents proud. Coming to Megan’s House was the best choice I made in a long time. I now look forward to the future without dreading it.”

That future includes a reunion with her son and a move to Erin’s House, the Megan House Foundation’s first Success Home slated to open in the near future. It also includes a family that has experienced a lot of growth and healing through the holistic approach to recovery offered by the program.

As he struggles to maintain his composure, Miranda’s father echoed the words so many other grateful parents have shared at previous ceremonies.

“Tim, staff, all the girls, I can’t thank you enough for bringing Miranda back.”

Bringing young women back from the downward spiral of addiction and providing hope for a better future is what Megan’s House is all about. A dedicated team of staff and Foundation members works tirelessly to create an environment that fosters success. But in the end, the credit goes to the residents themselves. As a friend of Miranda’s family told her;

“No matter how much we wanted recovery for you, we couldn’t do it. You did this.”

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