A Mother’s Love Does Not Quit, Not Even One Little Bit

The most recent Megan’s House graduation ceremony highlighted the importance of family, while also featuring the reading of a beautiful poem from a mother to her daughter.

Monday afternoon saw Kayla take the next step in her journey, after many previous failed attempts at recovery. The young woman, who came to be known as “Zayla” to differentiate her from a couple of other residents of the same name, spoke of her difficulties.

“Before Megan’s House, my life was a complete train wreck,” Kayla recalled. “I had nothing but the clothes on my back. I was sick. I was broken physically and mentally.”

Even in the program, the struggle continued. At one point, Kayla admitted to giving up, as the disease of addiction made her feel her 7-year old son deserved a better mother.

“At times, I had no strength to carry on,” she told those in attendance. “I wanted to end it all, but the staff and the girls helped me carry on.”

In the end, the willingness to fight is what endeared Kayla most to the other residents, with one telling her “no matter how many times you stumbled, you refused to fall.”

As is almost always the case at these graduation ceremonies, the most touching moments came when family members addressed each other. Kayla’s father gushed at seeing his daughter’s face and eyes bright again, while telling Megan’s House Founder Tim Grover his sacrifice of time, money and courage has become a model for him.

Wrapping up the celebration, Kayla’s mother read from a poem she had written her daughter. By the time the final verse of “A Mother’s Love Doesn’t Quit, Not Even One Little Bit” had been read, it was nearly impossible to find a dry eye in the room.

An enlarged, framed copy of the poem was presented as a gift to Megan’s House, a reminder to all who pass through that, indeed, a mother’s love doesn’t quit. And as Kayla’s journey proved, neither do the residents of Megan’s House.

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