A Tale of Two Mothers

The latest Megan’s House graduation ceremony featured many familiar themes and an interesting twist; a testimonial from a woman in recovery who never even lived there.

As the program’s 22nd graduate, Calin, bid farewell to her fellow housemates and said hello again to her family, she spoke of the downward spiral that led her to Megan’s House.

“My life was a mess,” the young woman recounted. “I wasn’t the mom my kids needed me to be. I was more interested in getting high than being with my family.

That family included two children who, like many children of those in recovery, ended up the care of their grandmother. As Calin struggled to find her way in the early days at Megan’s House, those children proved vital in keeping their mother on track.

“I didn’t want to be here even before I got here, but my mom brought the kids to visit me, so I could do it for them before I wanted to do it for me,” Calin said. “I’ll never be able to say thank you enough to my mom for taking care of my kids and never giving up on me.”

After residents and staff alike praised Calin for her turnaround and for being a role model, it was her mother’s turn. And as Melissa spoke of how special Megan’s House is, she spoke as someone with first-hand experience.

“I’m very grateful for this place,” Melissa began. “Thank you, it’s amazing. I’m an addict, too, and have been through other programs. There is nothing like this anywhere.”

That theme has been echoed by many previous graduates of Megan’s House, but Melissa is the parent to tell of a similar experience to a room full of attendees. That acknowledgment added insight to the special bond between these two moms.

“I’m happy you’re coming home,” Melissa told Calin, all the while fully understanding the special place her second home, Megan’s House, will forever hold in their memories.

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