Tough Choices Pay Off

Walking away is never easy. But for a young woman named Kierstyn, that walk was a necessary step to her becoming the latest graduate of the Megan House program.

By November of 2016, Kierstyn’s life had spiraled out of control. She’d been in a serious car accident, lost her job for stealing and moved back home with her mother, a reunion that didn’t go well. Eventually, Kierstyn became the latest inmate at Framingham State Prison.

On December 21 she entered Megan’s House, though she didn’t really want to be there. She didn’t want to do therapy. She didn’t want to go to AA meetings.

Gradually, that began to change and the breakthrough in Kierstyn’s recovery came when she found the courage to step out of her comfort zone.

“I’ve made some tough choices since coming to Megan’s House,” the young woman told a roomful of attendees at her recent graduation ceremony. “I walked away from my boyfriend. Cut off family, friends and everyone from my past.”

As one staff member noted, those steps led to Kierstyn “blossoming.” Before you knew it, she had become someone others could count on even when they, like Kierstyn in the beginning, didn’t want to be there.

“I’m going to miss you and your happy face,” said one young woman. “Even when we’re all complaining, you’re smiling.”

Kierstyn’s journey now takes her to Erin’s House, the Megan House Foundation’s first Success Home, which opened its doors August 11th. There she will live with, and continue her recovery with, some of the same friends she’s made since last December.

“Thanks to Megan’s House, I have a whole new family and friends,” Kierstyn told the room. “I never imagined that places like this existed, that people like MaryBeth and Tim exist.”

MaryBeth is MaryBeth Murphy, the Megan’s House Program Director who along with her dedicated staff and the support from Tim Grover and everyone at the Foundation, is helping young women walk away from a life of addiction and into a new comfort zone; recovery.

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