Love Life and the People In It

For a recent graduate of Megan’s House, the journey to recovery began with the turning of a new page – a calendar page.

“I got to Megan’s House January 3rd” Diana told friends, family, staff and fellow residents. “I said this is my fresh start for the new year.”

Of course, the fresh start did not come without a few early thoughts that this wasn’t the right fit.

“I’m not going to lie, Diana continued. When I first got here, I asked myself every day why I am here.”

The answer to that question came into focus as the days turned into weeks and months of sobriety. Before you knew it, the young woman’s humor and infectious personality returned, helping lift the spirits of other residents who were going through the same struggles she suffered through early on at Megan’s House.

When searching for a program to enter, she learned about Megan’s House and was instantly attracted to the family-oriented nature of the house and the program. As Diana takes the next steps in her journey, she does so with a new, extended family there to offer vital support.

“I now have a sponsor, a home group and a very strong sober network,” she continued. “Plus, I have my first love back in my life and I owe that to this program.”

Before leaving, Diana offered some heartfelt words of advice for the future graduates of Megan’s House, along with the rest of us:

“Love life and the people in it.”

Of all who have come and gone from Megan’s House, none have better exemplified those words than the young woman who uttered them.