Success Stories

“Thank God I Asked for Help”

For Emily, the day that changed her life began with the worst possible news; her mother was on life support. “I got the call from the hospital,” the recent Megan’s House graduate told a hushed room gathered for her graduation ceremony. “I told her how much I loved her and…

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“I’ve Regained Happiness & Sobriety”

One of the most interesting aspects of a graduation ceremony at Megan’s House, despite the different individual roads taken by residents to get there, is the common theme of struggle and reaching rock bottom, followed by the inspirational recovery that sets them on a path to a better life. The…

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“My Mom and Dad Have Their Little Baby Back”

A question that had long haunted the mother of a recent graduate may have finally been answered as young woman after young woman spoke of her daughter’s impact on their life at Megan’s House. “Alexa, you carry yourself with such confidence,” marveled one resident. “You’re a positive role model. You’re…

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