About the House

A Residential Treatment Home for Women

Megans House - Recovery Home for Women

Megan’s House is a beautiful, newly renovated home located in a residential area in the community of Lowell, MA providing treatment while fostering emotional and spiritual growth in a nurturing and safe home-like atmosphere.

The large home is equipped with state of the art appliances and amenities and accommodates up to 28 residents.  The home features a large kitchen and dining room for community meals, nine bedrooms, six bathrooms, two community rooms, laundry room, three staff offices, and a counseling room.  Additionally, a private back yard allows the residents to socialize outside in a safe setting.

Megan’s House provides a comprehensive weekly schedule for its residents that include individual, group and family therapy, recreation and community-based self-help groups. Daily house meetings highlight events, changes and any other concerns offering ongoing communication with staff and residents to promote unity within the home. Weekly commitment sessions assist in developing a sober network for its residents and offsite activities such as sober dances, bowling, roller-skating and hiking encourage residents to embrace new, healthier activities for long-term recovery.

Megan’s House is conveniently located near public transportation allowing residents to have access to all community-based resources including UTEC, a youth organization, and Lowell Career Center.