“Drugs Controlled My Life”

One of the things that makes Megan’s House so successful is the focus on healthy family relationships. Having each resident and their family work with Kathy, the program’s Family Counselor, helps create a solid foundation for continued recovery at home, or in many cases, helps resolve issues that led to addiction in the first place.

The family dynamic was prominently on display recently, when a young woman named Amber graduated from Megan’s House.

Before coming to the long-term residential treatment home, Amber described her life as “unmanageable and out of control.” Or as she poignantly told the roomful of people assembled on her big day; “Drugs controlled my life.”

The lack of control led to a near fatal overdose. Fortunately, Narcan brought Amber back to life and a fear of dying eventually led her to Megan’s House. Through hard work, commitment to recovery and plenty of family support, the young woman slowly regained control of her life while learning to love the most important people in it.

“Megan’s House taught me and my family how to love each other,” she said as she sat surrounded by those same family members. “It also taught me how to love myself.”

“I feel like I got my Amber back,” said her proud mother. “I didn’t sleep nights, afraid of losing you. I’m so grateful to have you back in my life. I thank God and Megan’s House for that. It’s the first place that really works.”

The gratitude was shared by Amber’s sister, who spoke of the “awesome feeling to know there are places like this. That there’s another door to life.”

For Amber, and for all those who call Megan’s House home, the door to a brighter future is always wide open.