“I Am Worth It”

A little tough love at the end of a judge’s gavel served as the much needed wake-up call for a recent graduate of Megan’s House.

After numerous “second” chances failed to stop the downward spiral, Abigail called a judge’s sentence to Framingham State Prison “the best thing she could have done.”

While there, the young woman came to grips with the need to take recovery seriously. While a Case Manager suggested she enter a different program upon her release, Abigail held out for Megan’s House, understating too much freedom wasn’t in her best interests at that time.

“We couldn’t have asked for a better fit,” recounted Abigail’s grateful mother. “She needed to be in a structured environment. She thrives on that.”

And thrive is exactly what Abigail did. She embraced recovery and even became a role model, prompting one new resident to tell her; “you are what I aspire to be in six months. You are a woman of dignity and honor.”

While at Megan’s House, Abigail studied for her CDL license to drive trucks, a vocation she’d always expressed interest in. But the most important lesson learned through the program was about love and self-worth.

“Megan’s House taught me true love,” the young woman told those in attendance at her graduation ceremony. “I now have true friend who taught me how to love myself. I am worth it. I’m not sure I’d be alive today if not for Megan’s House.”

Recovery in a safe, structured and loving environment are the pillars upon which Megan’s House is built. Abigail’s journey to and through the program are yet another example of the positive outcomes possible when we all do our part to make a difference in the lives of those in recovery.

To help make a difference in the lives of the young women who call Megan’s House home, please consider making a contribution to, or volunteering for our program.