“My Mom and Dad Have Their Little Baby Back”

A question that had long haunted the mother of a recent graduate may have finally been answered as young woman after young woman spoke of her daughter’s impact on their life at Megan’s House.

“Alexa, you carry yourself with such confidence,” marveled one resident. “You’re a positive role model. You’re someone who balances having fun, taking care of business and your recovery.”

Those words seemed far-fetched when Alexa first entered Megan’s House.

“It’s crazy to think last year at this time, I was so lost and broken,” the graduate recounted. “I trusted no one and hated everybody because I was so insecure.”

Seven months into her stay, Alexa felt something “click” in her brain. Gone was the insecurity which helped feed the downward spiral of addiction, replaced by the confidence now on display and a support network that’s helped Alexa close in on a full year of sobriety.

“I have my life back,” the graduate proudly exclaimed. “Today I have a job and go to school. Today I have friendships and people I can trust. Today my mom and dad have their little baby back after all these years.”

Which brings us back to a mom and that nagging question.

“I used to wonder why drugs took her from me,” Alexa’s mother told the residents who had just spoken so glowingly of her daughter. “But hearing you say how she’s helped you in your recovery, maybe that’s the reason. Thank you Megan’s House. You’re one of the only programs I’ve seen that has real potential.”

Potential that is realized every time a young woman like Alexa enters Megan’s House and realizes her own potential.

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