“I’ve Regained Happiness & Sobriety”

One of the most interesting aspects of a graduation ceremony at Megan’s House, despite the different individual roads taken by residents to get there, is the common theme of struggle and reaching rock bottom, followed by the inspirational recovery that sets them on a path to a better life.

The story of a recent graduate, Lexi, is no different.

“Before coming to Megan’s House, my life was a total train wreck,” the young woman recalled. “I was living a lifestyle I never imagined, hanging around the wrong people, doing the wrong things and putting myself at risk.”

Of course, when you are in the midst of that downward cycle, you are often the last one to see the free fall.

“No matter how bad it got, I couldn’t see the problem and couldn’t walk away from the lifestyle I’d chosen to live,” Lexi told the gathering on hand for her ceremony. “I ended up facing charges I never imagined and involving myself in situations that would put my name to shame.’

Those charges eventually led to a stint in a detox unit, which ironically turned out to be her saving grace.

“As much as I didn’t want to be there, it was the best thing that ever happened to me,” said Lexi. “God was doing for me what I couldn’t do for myself. I’d be dead today if I didn’t go there.”

The journey eventually brought Lexi to Megan’s House, where she got the chance to discover who she really is and to grow.

“I am forever grateful to this house and the structure it has set for me and girls like me. I’ve regained family relationships. I’ve regained integrity, responsibility and accountability. Most importantly, I’ve regained happiness and sobriety.”

As she ended her story, Lexi had a message for the young women she was leaving behind.

“It may seem tough when you first enter, but I can assure you all that if you truly put in the work this program has laid out for you, you will see how much this program will help you. Believe in yourself, never give up and in time, you will have the chance to sit where I am today.”

Where Lexi sits today is a world away from the days before Megan’s House, a new world full of hope for a young woman who is just the latest example of the promise hard work, sobriety and Megan’s House can offer.

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