“I Thought Drugs Fixed Me”

For Saundra, drugs were once seen as the cure, not the illness.

“I had strayed away from family,” the recent Megan’s House graduate recounted on her graduation day. “Ended up with the wrong crowd, was bullied, convinced I was an outcast. I thought drugs fixed me.”

Instead, drugs broke her. Down and out, she turned to Megan’s House and discovered the love, support and structure necessary to begin the long road to recovery. While there, Saundra also found something else.

“I’ve had the blessing of finding myself,” the young woman proudly boasted to a room full of family and friends.

As she continued her growth through the program, Saundra began displaying a unique maturity for a 20-year old. She also displayed the compassion and leadership skills each of her house mates highlighted as one after another thanked her for being the first resident to approach them upon their own arrival at Megan’s House.

“If you didn’t do that, I’m not sure I could have made it,” said one thankful young woman. “I did my best to help everyone because I remember what it was like when I first walked through that door,” Saundra responded.

On her way out the door, the graduate thanked staff for all they’d done to help with her recovery. “Megan’s House will always be my home away from home,” Saundra said, an acknowledgment that this special place is more than just a house. It is indeed, a home.

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