We Are Family

Family is often the central theme of a Megan’s House graduation ceremony, whether it involves family old, new or future. Sometimes, the story encompasses all three.

“I didn’t want to leave my mother and family for six months,” said a young woman names Tessa of the days leading up to her arrival at the residential treatment program. “I was nervous and scared.”

Coming from a place where there were televisions in every room, cooks preparing food and no chores to do would take some adjusting, but Tessa was ready to make a change.

“The first week was the hardest,” she recalled. “But I knew I had to stick it out for my family and for myself.”

“When she said she wanted to go to rehab, I’d heard this all before,” Tessa’s mother told the residents and staff assembled in the room. “This time, I wanted her to make the decision on her own. I even made her find her own ride. She worked hard for this. Now I can see how far she’s come. She’s a totally different person now.”

“I honestly can’t believe I’ve come this far,” Tessa added. “I grew up here. I became responsible.”

As she grew, Tessa also managed to touched the lives of those who shared Megan’s House with her.

“You have such a gentle heart,” marveled one young resident. “I knew I could always turn to you for help.”

“I’m so thankful for the family I’ve made here at the house,” Tessa responded.

With so much focus on family in her journey, it’s only fitting we end this story with news that Tessa is expecting a baby this October, beginning a new chapter in which recovery joins family as the central theme.

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