Bridge Builder – Chrissy Hungate

At the Megan House Foundation, we pride ourselves on building bridges, bridges that connect the various paths to recovery; long-term individualized treatment, safe and supportive housing, employment and family reunification. To build these bridges, we have at times asked for support from various organizations and individuals in our  community. So many have stepped forward to help, either by donating funds and resources, hosting and participating at events, or by selflessly volunteering their time and energy, be it through job and life skills training, or through providing holistic recreational and artistic opportunities. At this year’s 4th anniversary celebration, The Megan House Foundation is honoring a few our Bridge Builders, individuals who don’t receive headlines or awards, but instead work quietly, behind the scenes, to enrich the lives of the young women who call Megan’s House and Erin’s House home.

Chrissy Hungate holds art classes for the residents of Megan’s House, providing a physical, mental and emotional outlet as part of their recovery.

Chrissy Theo Hungate was born in Lowell and earned her Fine Arts degree at Boston University College for the Arts.  Her artistic work often reflects her interest in Human Relationships and the Human Condition. She works in mixed media drawing, painting, and sculpture.

Chrissy’s passion for art started as a child and maintained itself throughout her life. For many years, she worked as a sculpture technician; helping other artists reproduce their work. She now maintains her own studio at the Brush Art Gallery and Studios where she and the other Studio Artists provide community outreach to the public from an open-studio environment.   She intermittently offers classes and participates in community art programs and projects.

Chrissy maintains memberships in a number of art organizations such as the New England Sculptors Association, The Lowell Art Association, and the Arts League of Lowell, and has shown work with these groups throughout New England.  

Why’ Chrissy supports the Megan House Foundation:

“Making a difference in the lives of other women has always been a goal of mine. The women of Megan House face a constant stream of challenges during their recovery both during and after their time in the house. Sharing my  knowledge of visual art with these women in the hope of providing them with a physical, mental, and emotional outlet is a cherished opportunity!”