Bridge Builder – Lisa Loiselle

Lisa Loiselle has been an invaluable supporter of the Megan House Foundation mission since losing her son Nicholas to addiction in 2018. She and her family have generously contributed to the cause and have volunteered at our Golf Tournaments and Anniversary Celebrations.

My name is Lisa Loiselle and I am honored to be recognized as one of the Megan House Foundation’s “Bridge Builders”.”

This great cause is very dear to my heart as I am an angel mother to a precious son “Nicholas” who courageously battled addiction for 6 long years before ultimately losing his fight on April 23, 2018.

Words alone cannot express the inconsolable heartbreak that our family has endured since that fateful day. Nicholas was a very intelligent, handsome, kind, loving, and caring young man who would give you the shirt off his back. He was an exceptional son, brother, grandson, nephew, cousin, and friend whom I often referred to as my gentle giant as he stood six feet tall and had a heart of gold.

Nicholas did not choose to become an addict nor did he wish to live that way. Addiction is a disease and like any other illness we must find ways to help those who are suffering to overcome their illness and end this horrible epidemic.

Following Nick’s death, I swore to myself and him that I would be his voice and that I would do my part to help create a world where no mother has to watch their child suffer through this horrific disease. Together, and with the help of amazing organizations like the Megan House, I know we can make a difference.

Not only do we need to step up to stop this epidemic, we have to end the stigma associated with this disease that keeps people from seeking help. My Nicholas was not homeless. He didn’t come from a broken family, he never suffered any serious trauma, and he was not a bad person. He had a full-time job, he had a booming social life, he made great money, and he was always happy. When we stop seeing victims of this epidemic as “junkies”, “criminals”, or “bad people”, we realize that they are our kids, our brothers and sisters, our neighbors, but most importantly they are people in need of help.

Nick will never get to benefit from the work of this amazing organization, but if I can help stop even one more family from having to endure what we have, I will know I fulfilled my promise to myself and my son. Thank you for supporting such an important cause.