Bridge Builders – Lyn & Geoff Miller

Lyn and Geoff Miller have made countless contributions to the Megan House Foundation, financially, and through volunteering. They are a constant presence at our events and homes, spending time with the residents, bringing much-needed supplies and even baked goods. It is in Lyn & Geoff’s daughter’s memory that our first Success Home, Erin’s House, is named.

We became involved in Megan’s House quite simply because we love our daughter.  Our Erin spent a short time as an opioid addict and attended three recovery programs, with no success. Through the Lowell Sun, she had been following the story of Megan’s House, planning to apply for a bed when they opened.  Unfortunately, she passed before that was possible.

Erin was funny and caring , a friends friend, a gifted athlete and pristine voice which has been captured on iTunes.  We will never know what she would or could have done. We only know she did not have the opportunity through other programs to experience success she would have received at Megan’s House.

Erin knew that she needed a place where she could be herself and receive support in those first months to stay clean.  Had Erin survived her battle with addition, we know she would have continued to channel her passion and energy to help others with their addictions while strongly advocating for Megan’s House’s program and mission. This program understands that all recovering addicts are individuals and as such their journeys are not the same. The House deals with the girls as  individuals allowing them to move through the program at the pace which is best for them. Megan’s House provides that much needed support for recovering addicts.

When Erin lost the last battle on November 15, 2015, we began our journey with the Megan House Foundation. Being involved in the early stages gave us a front-row seat to the ever-evolving evidence-based treatment program that helps young women find their path to a substance-free life.  In 2017 the vision continued, with the dedication of Erin’s House, which was graciously named after our daughter. This sober living home provides a continuing support network and home for these young women as they return to the workforce, parenting and their path forward.

We want to thank the whole Megan’s House team for what they have accomplished and for their continued commitment and dedication to the mission of providing a path for permanent recovery for many young women.

Erin was also a writer. While sorting through some of her writings, we came across a powerful West African phrase that she frequently wrote:

ODO NNTEW FIE KWAN, which loosely translates to “Love always finds its pathway home.”