Remembering Megan, 5 Years Later

December 30th is both a day of remembrance and a day of celebration at Megan’s House; remembering that on this day in 2014, 26-year old Megan Grover lost her battle with addiction, but also celebrating the countless lives saved in her memory through the amazing work of the Megan House Foundation.

In what has become an annual ceremony, the current residents of Megan’s House and Erin’s House released purple balloons into the sky in Megan’s honor. The inspirational gathering normally takes place along the banks of the beautiful Merrimack River in Lowell, but due to the icy driving conditions today, staff and residents gathered at Megan’s House, which first opened its doors to young women in recovery in the fall of 2015, less than a year after Megan’s passing.

Purple was Megan’s favorite color. It is the official color of Megan’s House and, ironically, is also the color symbolizing recovery. Attached to each balloon is a small, biodegradable envelope containing inspirational messages from the residents and Wildflower seeds, with the hope the seeds will take root and grow, symbolizing the growth of the young women in recovery through the program.

While this date is still somber in many ways, everyone associated with Megan’s House takes some comfort in knowing her memory lives on through the beautiful house created in her honor and the young women who call it home.

To make a donation in Megan’s honor and to help us continue the amazing work in the house named after her, please visit this link.