Success Stories

“I Don’t Want to Live Like This Anymore”

As one person after another described a young woman with a boisterous, contagious laugh booming throughout Megan’s House, it was difficult to picture the Anna who entered the home seven months earlier. “I was broken and delusional, so stuck I didn’t know how I was going to get out,” recalled…

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Love Life and the People In It

For a recent graduate of Megan’s House, the journey to recovery began with the turning of a new page – a calendar page. “I got to Megan’s House January 3rd” Diana told friends, family, staff and fellow residents. “I said this is my fresh start for the new year.” Of…

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Tough Choices Pay Off

Walking away is never easy. But for a young woman named Kierstyn, that walk was a necessary step to her becoming the latest graduate of the Megan House program. By November of 2016, Kierstyn’s life had spiraled out of control. She’d been in a serious car accident, lost her job…

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