About Our Programs

Megan’s House

Megan’s House is a therapeutic community, where residents participate in a long-term, comprehensive well-being program for up to six months (or longer if needed) to forge a personalized path to sustained recovery from substance use disorder.

Program elements address physical, social, emotional health, life skills and personalized plans for a substance free future:

  • Individual, group and family counseling from experienced licensed mental health and alcohol/drug addiction counselors
  • One-on-one success coaching to develop personal goals for employment, training, or further education
  • Access to community support meetings, such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA)
  • Opportunities for group fun at sports or arts events, etc.
  • Art Therapy, Equine Therapy (as available)
  • Physical Fitness from boxing to yoga
  • Basic life skills-building from establishing routines to financial literacy
  • Onsite weekly access to a prescribing nurse practitioner, for medication prescription maintenance
  • Individual support to facilitate medical needs, legal responsibilities, etc.

After Care

Erin’s House, in Dracut, MA, is a success home for graduates of Megan’s House and other similar treatment programs. Residents work or attend further education with staff onsite full time for additional support and house meetings.

Erin’s House Member Application


  • Female, Ages 18+
  • A Substance Use Disorder diagnosis
  • Minimum 90 days sobriety
  • Maintaining mental stability and able to live in a community setting
  • A desire to continue one’s recovery and reintegrate back into society
  • Admission from treatment program, HWH, IOP, SOAP, or other medical/treatment facility (may admit from other institutions on a case by case basis)
  • Completed application and one reference letter from a treatment professional
  • Payment of first and last week’s rent ($175/each)
  • Agree to mandatory drug testing and breathalyzer requirements
  • Admissions Monday through Friday only