Megan’s House

Megan’s House is a residential treatment home for young women ages 18-30 in Lowell Massachusetts. The building, formerly used as a school, was renovated in 2015 to provide residential treatment for up to 26 young women who struggle with a Substance Use Disorder. The house features a beautiful state of the art kitchen with space for the residents to cook together, hang out during free time, or have volunteers come in for cooking classes. Adjoining the kitchen is a large dining area for gatherings and residents’ dinners. Bedrooms accommodate two or four women, with six bathrooms on site. A large great room serves as the gathering space for the entire group for graduation ceremonies, celebrations and group counseling.  Outside, the house features a vegetable garden that residents cultivate throughout the summer, a basketball hoop for fun and recreation, and a picnic area.

Erin’s House

Erin’s House, is a Success Home (Sober Home) located in Dracut, MA, less than one mile from Megan’s House.  Opened in 2017, the beautiful four-bedroom colonial home is located in a quiet, suburban neighborhood. Erin’s House accommodates up to eight residents who pay weekly rent to share this beautiful home in a supportive environment while transitioning to independent living after long-term treatment at Megan’s House or similar programs. All residents and staff are female.

Emma’s House

Emma’s House is named in memory of a Megan’s House graduate who lost her battle with substance use disorder in 2016. At that time, the Foundation had not opened Erin’s House and she was unable to find sober housing. Emma’s story exemplifies the need for safe, sober, and affordable housing for women.  Her parents are grateful for the time she spent at Megan’s House knowing she was safe and alive.

The Value of Megan’s House: Hear from Our Families


“We are not victims. We are survivors.”

“Sober laughs are the best laughs.”

“You have to chase that recovery.”

“We don’t have to be that statistic.”

“I have a roof over my head and my stomach is always full of food.”

“When I first came here I felt hopeless. This house gives you hope.”

“I’m getting my confidence back.”

“This is the happiest I’ve been.”

“I’ve never been sober this long. This house gave me my life back.”

“You can still have fun and be sober.”

“Megan’s House taught me what unconditional love is.”

“This is the help I had been asking for.”

“Megan’s House gave me the best gift I could ever get – myself.”

“Before Megan’s House, I didn’t know I could have fun sober.”

“Megan’s House has saved my life.”

“My life has no limits now that I am sober.”

“Thank you to everyone at Megan’s House. My life is unbelievable now and it’s because of you and this program.”

“Thank you for Megan’s House. This place is amazing.”

“I didn’t think I could have clean time. Now I can be a mother.”

“To the staff; thank you. You have given life to so many.”

“Before Megan’s House, I was incredibly lost. I’ve been shown a better way to live and I strive to do that every day.”

“This house has helped me through things I never thought I could get through.”

“Before Megan’s House, I thought it was my destiny to die of an overdose.”

“At first, the idea of living with 20 girls scared me. Little did I know these 20 girls would show me the true meaning of love and understanding.”

“Although this is just the beginning of my journey, I will no longer live in fear.”

“I am no longer a victim. I am a survivor.”

“Mom, there is no better high than making you proud.”

“For the first time in my life, I’m proud of myself.”

“Before Megan’s House, I was living a life that put me in dark places I never thought I’d be in.”

“I was faced with a choice to live or die. I chose to live. So I came to Megan’s House.”

“Never laughed a real laugh before I got here.”

“I have become accountable, dependable and a responsible woman with self-dignity.”

“Never forget where you came from. But never lose sight of where you are going.”

“Today I have the coping and life skills I need in the real world to live in recovery.”

“Before coming here, I woke up one day thinking my daughter would be better off if I were dead.”

“Megan’s House is the greatest birthday gift I could ever get.”

“If you keep doing the right thing, good things will keep happening.”

“Megan’s House helped me reach out, cut out unhealthy relationships and regain my independence.”

“Today I have coping skills and life skills I need in the real world to live in recovery,” she told the room full of family, staff and fellow residents. “This place is beautiful, and you are saving so many lives.”

“Before Megan’s House, I didn’t know I could have fun sober. My life has no limits now that I’m sober.  Megan’s House has saved my life.” 

“Megan’s House didn’t just show me how to put down a drug, it also taught me to believe in myself. Thank God I asked for help.”

“I can finally say that I feel safe”

“I have a better chance of leaving this house sober than any other one”

“I have my daughter back.” (From father of 1st graduate)

“Drugs took you away from me and left a hole in my heart. Now it’s been filled by you again.” (From a father)

“Megan’s House is a miracle. You are a miracle.” (From a father)

“Every community should have a place like this.” (From a mother)

“This place is beautiful and you are saving so many lives.” (unknown)